How can I help my baby sleep better?

As a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant, I believe healthy sleep habits make for healthy children. A well-rested child is happy, energetic, playful, curious, and ready to learn. As a Professional Paediatric Sleep Consultant, I cannot stress enough how vital quality sleep is to promote growth, increased attention spans, boost learning, and help our bodies to fight germs to stay healthy.

The foundations for healthy sleep habits are built early on in a child's life and permanently challenged by developmental milestones.

I can do more than educate you about healthy sleep habits - I can equip you with the necessary skills to naturally master occurring and recurring sleep changes and developments of your child.

What is the best age to sleep train my baby?

There is no perfect age, however saying that you can't start early enough! In fact, you might be surprised on how the different aspects of setting up a nursery can influence your baby's sleep - for better or for worse.

I offer sleep consulting for babies, children in all age groups as well as teens.

Do you wonder if sleep training is the right thing for your baby and your family? Do you have any questions or concerns?

Would you like to make some changes but you are not sure where to start or if to start?

Download "5 Easy Sleep Tips for Children" now or simply schedule a 15 minute no-obligation NEED-MORE-INFO call with me.

What about sleep training for adults?

Dana Obleman’s “Solve Your Sleep” method is a simple, easy, step-by-step system for helping adults get a full night’s sleep -- without the use of addictive sleep aids.

It used to be that everyone from high-powered CEOs to stay-at-home Moms would brag about how LITTLE sleep they needed to get by. These days, it’s the total opposite. Getting a full 7-9 hours of sleep each night is like the new “flat abs.” Everyone wants it, but it seems like so few of us know how to actually make it happen.

I’m so excited about sharing this sleep programme with you to get your sleep back on track. It’s SO amazingly good for your health, mood, libido, etc. when you’re getting a full night’s sleep… and this is the easiest way I’ve seen to make it happen!

How much do sleep consultancy packages cost?

I offer sleep consulting packages for various age groups. All packages consist of the following:

  • Personalized Sleep Plan with Sleep Hygiene suggestions
  • A 60-minute consultation
  • A number of follow-up check-in calls of 40-minute each
  • An interactive sleep log
  • You will also be provided with various tools, skills and plans to assist you on your sleep journey.

Sleep Resources

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