"I want to make your 1st year parenting easier and a breeeeeeze"

Let me begin by telling you, I was the most anxious-nervous pregnant woman, ever. I probably bought over 15 baby books on sleep, development, pregnancy, food, health, etc. Whilst reading the first book or two, I became incredibly overwhelmed with all the information that it caused me to spiral into postnatal anxiety and depression.

It was at this point I wished I had a personal parent coach, someone  who would just tell me all I needed to know on how to parent in today’s world and who could hold my hand throughout the journey.

Over the first year of my daughter’s life, this wish came up time and again with every new chapter and development; from breastfeeding, to play, to communication and the mother of all chapters, sleep.

These experiences through my first year parenthood motivated me to pursue a vocation to help other parents with their baby’s sleep  (and theirs!), along with a number of bonding activities that lead to a happier and healthier parenting experience and family life.

I aim to make this a comfortable, smooth, (FUN!) and supportive parenthood journey for you and your family.

You got this, mama!

Shubhra Venneti
Personal Parenting Coach
Founder & Director - S Family Wellness Pte. Ltd. 


Certified Solve Your Sleep™ Consultant for Adults
Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant for Children
Kangatraining® Instructor & Country Leader
BabySigns® Instructor

What my clients say

“Shubhra helped me go from feeding my baby to sleep multiple times overnight to her self-settling and sleeping 11hrs solid in the space of a week.”

Charlie M.

"My little one is now sleeping a solid 12 hours, and taking regular naps, all thanks to Shubhra! She was very patient, understanding, and supportive throughout the process, and constantly reassured me that I can do it."

Candice C.

"Highly recommended! Shubhra was so great, working with us from Singapore when we live in Los Angeles. Shubhra helped us get our baby on a good sleep schedule, he now sleeps 11-12 hours at night."

Stephanie A.

Feeling unsure what to do next or whether to reach out for assistance? The fact that you are reading this means you have unanswered questions. I invite you to go ahead and click the button below to book a free and no-obligation call with me. I look forward to chatting with you.