What is the Giggle Wiggle Sleep Club?

Giggle Wiggle Sleep Club is a 6 or 12-month programme, that gives you exclusive access to partake in a carefully designed holistic newborn wellness programme, addressing baby sleep habits, communication skills and mums' postnatal fitness particularly during the first 12 months of your new baby's life.

How do I join and what is included?

Step 1: Join Us in or before your final trimester

The ideal time to become a Giggle Wiggle Sleep Club member is during your pregnancy - somewhere between your second and third trimester. This allows you to reap all the benefits this programme has  to offer. As a thank you for joining the club you will receive a gift voucher for an in-house Bedtime Visit and a Half-Day Nap Support. These services have a combined value of S$1000 and need to be booked 14 days in advance anytime during the duration of the programme.

Step 2: Enjoy Pre-Birth Support

Nursery Inspection & Personal Consultation

I would like to meet you before your baby is born. Get to know more about you and your views on baby sleep, communication and post-natal fitness. In this personal one-on-one consultation, I will share expert knowledge, insights and tips. This also involves a nursery visit - you will be surprised in how many ways you can prepare a nursery for sound baby sleep. The consultation also covers the baby's early sleep behaviour and progression patterns, plus you will receive your baby's sleep plan and schedules as well as an interactive sleep log.

Prenatal Workshop on Sleep and Baby Signs®

Meet your new tribe at this 2-hour event and empower yourself with important expert knowledge addressing safe sleep space, sleep hygiene, sleep timeline and milestones from birth to 12 months and a gentle introduction into Baby Signs®. 

Step 3: Enjoy Newborn Sleep Support

Weekly Calls

You have access to 28/36 follow-up sleep support calls (weekly/monthly depending on the plan selected; each call is for 40-minutes) to discuss your baby sleep patterns, successes or regressions and any questions you may have.

Whatsapp Support

Enjoy expert advice at your fingertips. You can whatsapp daily if you are in need of emergency support or advice. Whatsapps will be answered Mondays to Fridays by or before 9pm (Singapore Time) unless it is a Public Holiday or otherwise communicated.

Step 4: Get moving with Kangatraining

Kangatraining Class Passes

Kangatraining has finally arrived in Singapore! This baby-wearing postnatal fitness class that enjoys tremendous popularity in Australia, New Zealand and is created in Europe.

Whilst gently regaining your fitness post-birth, you also have the opportunity to enjoy some special bonding time with your baby, groove to some pop beats and socialise with other parents. This programme entails 8 - 16 Kangatraining classes. Baby-carriers are available on loan during the class for free.

Step 5: Continued Sleep Support

Monthly Sleep Support Calls

Once a month you will be entitled to a 40- minute check-in call regarding your baby’s sleep. We discuss patterns, introduction of solids into the daily routine as well as anticipation, mitigation and responding to possible issues that might arise. This call will take place for each month for months 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

Whatsapp Support

Enjoy expert sleep advice at your fingertips. You can whatsapp daily if you are in need of emergency advice. Whatsapps will be answered at least once a day, Mondays to Fridays, by 9pm (Singapore Time), unless it is a Public Holiday or otherwise communicated.

Step 6: Attend Baby Signs® Sign, Say and Play™ Classes

“Baby Talk” with Baby Signs® Programme!

From the 6th month onwards, your baby will begin to communicate with their body a whole lot more! The most popular and easiest body sign to read this early on, is the one where the arms are extended out and up, coaxing the parent to carry them.

Attending 6-weekly Sign, Say and Play™ classes will develop your baby’s vocabulary exponentially. Together with your tribe of mums, when your babies are between 7-10 months old,  this engaging, fun and playful activity allows you to enjoy special bonding time with your child whilst learning basic signs that will help your baby express themselves and interact with you and the world around them! Topics covered include, clothes, emotions, food and animals.

Studies have shown by teaching your baby Baby Signs®, their cognitive development in speech and language can develop up to a year earlier compared to peers in the same age group. So, let’s get ‘talking’!

Step 7: Happy Birthday!

1st Birthday Party/Graduation

The first birthday of any child is a real milestone for all parents. This also marks the end of the Giggle Wiggle Sleep Programme. Let's celebrate together the learning and growing of your child and yourself as a parent during those eventful 12 months.

Final Sleep Check-In Call

The final closing call once your child turns 1, is where we will discuss possible upcoming sleep changes and how to prepare and deal with them going forward.

Accompanying this call will be a final email with some additional information sheets so you remain on top of your sleep game now that you have graduated from the programme as a SUPERMOM.


I want to make sure you are as prepared and supported going into Year 2 of your-now toddler’s life.

For you MamaI will create a personalized sleep plan. Parents suffer from 59% less sleep during their child’s first year of life and less sleep on anyone can affect their mental, emotional and physical health. I want to make sure for your baby’s second year onwards, that you take care of you too, amongst everything else.

For your little oneone extra sleep check-in call, to be redeemed before the baby turns 19 months. This is to address any potential sleep challenges that usually come along with speech developmental milestone, or starting daycare/playgroup and knowing when to transition from a crib to a bed.

 Walk away equipped with expert newborn sleep knowledge, a heart full of joy, a bunch of new like-minded friends and beautiful memories of the 1st year parenting joyride with the Giggle Wiggle Sleep Club.

Download this programme information in a PDF here.

How much does the Giggle Wiggle Sleep Club cost?


S$ 1 999 upfront or 3 x S$ 720
  • 1 x Initial In-Home Consultation (60-90 min)
  • 1 x Nursery Inspection
  • 1 x Pre-Birth Workshop (Sleep & Baby Signs)
  • 1 x Sleep Plan for Baby & Interactive Sleep Log
  • Up to 28 x sleep check- in calls (40 min ea)
  • Whatsapp support
  • 8 x Kangatraining® Classes


S$ 2 999 upfront or 4 x S$790
  • 1 x Initial In-Home Sleep Consultation (60-90 min)
  • 1 x Nursery Inspection
  • 1 x Pre-Birth Workshop (Sleep & Baby Signs)
  • 1 x Sleep Plan for Baby & Interactive Sleep Log
  • Up to 52 x sleep check-in calls (40 min ea)
  • Whatsapp Support
  • 16 x Kangatraining® Classes
  • 1 x Baby Signs® Sign, Say & Play™ Course (6 weeks)

How to sign up for the Giggle Wiggle Sleep Club?

Simply pick your desired membership duration and click on your preferred payment plan below to purchase your membership online. You will receive an immediate email confirmation and a copy of your personalised contract within 24h.

Feeling unsure whether this is the right programme for you? Click the button below to book a no-obligation call with me to answer all your questions.