Why teach your child Baby Signs®?

BabySigns LogoBefore babies can express their needs, wants, frustrations, joys in words, they are limited to simple gestures, some basic vocal sounds and their raw emotions. Often times, parents and babies can be frustrated and struggle when trying to communicate with each other without words.

Baby Signs® Programme helps teach basic signs that babies from 6-18 months can pick up easily and use their hands to communicate to their parents and other family members before their verbal development comes into play.

Signs can also help develop verbal skills faster in some cases. It also is a fun communicative-play activity that parents and babies can spend time together and bond.

What Baby Signs® Courses are available?

Baby Signs® is a great tool to communicate and bond with your little ones before speech and language skills develop.

Baby Signs® Parent Workshops

This fun information session allows parents to learn everything they need to know to start using the Baby Signs® Programme. Each enrollment includes the Baby Signs® Starter Signs reference guide.

Baby Signs® Sign, Say & Play™ Classes

Parents and babies enjoy 6 weekly classes of fun-filled play classes with lots of signing, singing and dancing activities that highlight important developmental skills. Sign, Say & Play™ Starter Kit is included in the enrollment fee.

Each session covers a specific topic such as clothes, emotions, food or animals. Parents can practice with their little ones through the week at a gentle pace before learning new signs at the following session.

Upcoming Courses: 

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